StonersDoingThings Mystery Box

$49.99 $99.99
Size: Light

For The Enthusiast: StonersDoingThings Presents The Ultimate Mystery Box!

❓ Opt from our three distinct levels: Light, Elevated, and Elite!

❓ Carefully curated by our passionate StonersDoingThings crew!

❓ Perfect present for your favorite stoner buddy!

❓ The finest assortment StonersDoingThings has ever compiled!

❓ A plethora of surprise goodies await!


StonersDoingThings invites you to indulge in the thrill (and the unbeatable deals) of the signature Mystery Box! Dive into a box experience unparalleled, with each item thoughtfully chosen by our devoted team at StonersDoingThings. If our online offerings have ever caught your eye, then this box is a must-have for you!

Imagine unboxing a plethora of items which may include a Stash Canister, Quality Grinder, Roll-Up Tray, Dabbing tools, or perhaps even a Glass Bong (Yes, even in the Beginner Box!). Alongside these prime essentials, our enthusiastic team adds unique finds such as lighters, dab pads, premium rolling papers, ash catchers, or maybe even a bonus bong just because!

Witness the magic of receiving a mystery box valued at 2-3 times its price. Word has it, a few lucky folks might stumble upon a box worth a whopping $500! Time's ticking, and this deal isn't here to stay. So, why the wait? Chance it and unveil the enigma!